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Marijuana Abuse Is More Common Than You Think

Marijuana has been used by mankind for many thousands of years and yet there is a paucity of information about the exact number of people who are addicted to it: Although hard evidence is lacking about 5-10% of smokers who smoked pot will turn into chronic abusers of pot. Chronic smokers usually smoke more than two reefers a day and some may smoke as much as 10 reefers per day.

Addiction to marijuana is similar to addiction to other drugs in that the individual initially smoke with control and over a period of time they tend to smoke more quantities of weed to get high and this leads to addiction. However there is a major difference between weed and other drugs in that weed does not cause physical dependence. It the high of grass that the smoker is in search of!

Most smokers start pot in high school or college. Initially these are kind of social sessions with a lot of friends and fun. But over a period of time people start to smoke all by themselves and then the joint fills every single space and void in their lives. The enslavement of the individual is now complete.

Therefore to help people figure out their addiction, I have designed this simple questionnaire about marijuana addiction. By honestly answering these questions one can reliably learn about their addiction status.

Marijuana Addiction Test

Answer these questions in simple yes or no format. There is no time limit, but it is advisable not to spend too much time on these questions as your answers can get biased.

  1. Why do you smoke pot? Is it only for pleasure?
  2. Is pot affecting every single aspect of your life? Do you leave office or parties to smoke a joint? Do you choose friends based on their marijuana use? cbd blüten hamburg
  3. Do you smoke alone?
  4. If you are out of pot, does it make you anxious and jittery?
  5. Do you think that weed is a panacea to all your problems and avoid dealing with in the first place?
  6. Are your memory concentration, judgment and motivation getting affected by smoking pot?
  7. Does marijuana use let you live in a make believe world?
  8. Do you feel the need to cut back or quit smoking pot?
  9. Have you tried to quit smoking pot before and failed?
  10. Do you find yourself constantly facing concerns from your friends and family members about your pot usage?
  11. If weed is not around, do you instead drink alcohol or do other drugs?

If you answer yes to more than six of these questions then you probably have a problem with marijuana abuse and the earlier one recognises it, easier is the remedy.

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