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Four Major Styles of Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings

What are the four major styles or types of sterling silver hoop earrings? While most of us think of hoops as a single round smooth loop, there are other equally appealing hoop designs that are busily competing with the traditional circular silver earring in today’s jewelry market place. What are these relatively new and intriguing off-shoots of the time honored circular hoops? hoop earrings

Traditional Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings They can be large, extra large, medium, small, or tiny hoops, but they are formed from a single round smooth piece of sterling silver. Silver hoop earrings made from any metal give off a sexy, carefree and youthful vibe. They typically draw attention to the face of the wearer, and the larger the loop, the more adventurous the wearer appears to be. Hoops can be beautifully worn with every ensemble in your wardrobe, but go particularly well with casual attire like jeans and plain or frilly tops.

Misshapen Or Square Hoops Some of these are perfectly exquisite earrings. They lend even more variety to what was almost an endless variety of styles and designs. They can be wide and thick square hoops or oblong and thin hoops, or any of a million other designs dreamed up by the imagination of jewelry designers. They can be smooth, twisted, or hammered silver or the circular strands can be combined with other types of metals and crystals and precious stones can also be added.

Dangling Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings These earrings are made by attaching the hoop whatever its shape from a short chain, another hoop, several hoops, or a french hook. They can be the traditional hoops but can also include silver heart shaped hoops, French Hook Dangles, CZ Earrings, or the more exotic designs like the sterling silver dangling dolphin designs.

Double And Triple Silver Hoop Earrings These unusual earrings while using the basic hoop style are anything but ordinary. They can also be made of every size and shape of hoop or they can be made from two or three different sizes gradually graduating the sizes so that one hoop fits neatly inside another. They can have a high-polished finish or come in a variety of textures to suit the individual tastes and personality of the wearer.

Most fashion conscious women and some men too have several favorite pairs of sterling silver hoop earrings tucked away in their jewelry cases or perched handily a top their earring racks. Silver hoops are a staple accessory for most women in most societies and in most countries. And they are probably the most popular style of earring worn today worldwide.

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