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A Dog Play Pen Offers Canines Safety While Romping & Exercising

Consider using a dog play pen when your small dog or puppy needs a safe, confined space in which to exercise or play, either indoors or out in the fresh air. They are easy to put up and take down, and are lightweight and portable enough to move from one location to another as needed.

Play pens for dogs come in a variety of sizes and models, including soft fabric and mesh which is safe and suitable for puppies, easy to assemble interlocking plastic walls, or coated heavy gage wire similar to fencing. The height of the structure should be selected depending upon the size of the animal using it, ranging from 2 feet high for puppies and small toy breeds, 30 inches in height for small to medium sized breeds, or up to 4 feet in height for larger animals so they cannot easily jump over the enclosure and escape. curious incident of the dog in the nighttime play

There are numerous benefits to using a play pen dedicated to providing a canine play and exercise area. Pets feel sheltered and safe within a contained area, especially when situated in a busy household with lots of activity going on or in a backyard with plenty of noise, commotion, wildlife and activity. A dog play pen with top comes outfitted with a netted top which can serve as added shade or shelter without restricting airflow. When kept in an enclosure with see-through walls, a pet can still feel like part of the family without getting in the way. A kitchen or living room where the enclosed animal can still see activity and be around family members is one of the best places to position this unit. A great benefit of using a plastic dog play pen is that it can make a great training tool for teaching puppies and even older animals to hold their need to urinate or defecate until they are outside of the enclosed area. Most canines that enjoy spending time in these units tend to have less behavioral problems like barking or excessive chewing. A play pen also securely keeps your pets away from repairmen or others visiting your home who might not want to interact with them.

Once you set up your selected model, there are some ways to make your dog’s stay inside the enclosure much more enjoyable. Be sure to set a towel or warm blanket inside for napping. If placing a puppy inside an indoor dog play pen, be sure to place wee-wee pads only in one corner so the pet associates relieving himself with an area away from where he plays, eats or sleeps. It is important to have a bowl of fresh water available inside the pen, whether it is situated indoors or out in the yard. Select a heavy, sturdy bowl which cannot be easily knocked over. Have a variety of squeak toys or chew toys within easy reach inside the play pen to keep your pet occupied.

Dogs should use a play pen only during daytime hours but not overnight. Some pets have been captured on film learning to climb out if left unattended for long periods of time. For overnight sleeping, it’s best to use a crate to contain Fido in one place. A dog play pen can provide a safe environment for your pet to enjoy being part of the activity without getting in the way, as well as providing any pet owner with peace of mind that their best friend can romp and play within a secured, designated area

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